Rainbow Icecream Truck In Alliston? DON’T Go Home.

So I’ve heard of this a few times but now a friend has told me his story. So in Allison, Ontario there are a few icecream trucks but one stands out. People call it the “Rainbow Icecream Truck”. Basically if it’s a sunny day and the icecream trucks are out you’ll probably see the rainbow one. DON’T get Icecream from it if you are or you have a kid with you. The driver looks shady enough but if he sees you with a kid he will follow you home, write your address down and come back in the morning and sometimes try to get into your house. He is suspected to be a pedophile but nobody has confirmed this. You can prevent him from finding your house by: walking around the block until he leaves or stay in a public area until he leaves. If ever given the chance I suggest getting the license plate number and report him. Be careful though, you dont want to report the wrong driver. I hope this article has made you aware of a pretty big problem and hopefully you take my advice to heart. Have fun and stay safe this Summer!

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